Germany’s oldest pewter workshop Since 1727       

As a family company, we have operated our pewter workshop in Regensburg for generations. We place special emphasis on quality and employ traditional handicraft techniques. Our highest quality pewter has been sold since 1935 at our shop in the heart of Regensburg’s charming Old City.

In order to offer our customers a wide variety of products, we also carry selected handmade products made of glass, wood, ceramics, etc.

Customers around the world are able to order from our online shop. The online shop features over 3,000 items, and we are convinced that you will find the appropriate gift for every occasion. Collectors of high-quality pewter, pewter figurines, etc. will find many items of interest.

In 1966, our company won the Gold Medal for outstanding design at the Welser Messe in Austria.

In 1968 our modern pewter wine service was awarded the State Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany (Gold Medal).