Cast from a master’s hand - German pewter is world-renowned

Tin is one of the oldest metals. Humans have been using it for over 5,000 years. Alloyed with copper, tin makes bronze – which lends its name to an entire epoch.

During the Middle Ages, when the Erz Mountains still produced plenty of tin, earthen and wooden tableware was displaced by pewter in bourgeois and farming homes. Pewter has been used as daily tableware for centuries.
Today many restaurants are again serving food and beverages on pewter. We recommend trying it at home as well. Try wurst and kraut, bread and cheese, or a steak on pewter plates. Beer and wine taste cool and fresh when enjoyed from pewter vessels. Pewter maintains the aroma. Coffee and tea maintain their fragrance when stowed in pewter containers. Pewter tableware creates a festive atmosphere and sparks the interest of guests. The matt finish of Pewter plates and cups projects a sense of coziness, warmth, and enchantment in your home.